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Innovation in Solar Tracking


Space-Saving Solar Trackers

Mounted atop a twenty-foot pole, the S1 tracking system maintains use of the land below.  Whether it is shading parking spaces, allowing tractor access for farming, or simply providing a shaded picnic area, the STracker S1 will not get in the way.

STracker S1 Solar Energy Agriculture

Solar Tracking

The STrackers S1 Solar Tracker utilizes most efficient racking available (dual-axis tracking) to deliver a full 40% greater energy harvest than fixed. Current testing suggests an additional 20% harvest may be available when using new bi-facial solar panels.

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Sound Structure

With its pole-mounted all-steel construction, the robust S1 solar tracker is rated for 120 mph winds and carries a full 30-year structural warranty. Its simple 4 bolt base-mount allows easy relocation, and makes the system especially well-suited for difficult and uneven terrain.


The S1 system allows Community to Utility-scale production without compromising agricultural, recreational or other operations below. STracker solar trackers will fit beautifully for most parking lot, picnic area and business applications.

Community Solar 

STrackers Solar Energy Agriculture

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