I'm considering looking at a solar installation.  What advantages does tracking solar have over fixed systems?

Solar tracking has several advantages when compared to a fixed solar system.  Dual-axis solar tracking, in particular, increases the efficiency by over 40%, compared to fixed systems, but typically costs only 38% more.  

The most common form of fixed solar for non-industrial installations is rooftop solar.  The pitch of rooftop solar is usually constrained to roof-pitch or wind factors and such installations almost never approach peak efficiency.  

In the case of ground installations, fixed solar often becomes less space-efficient and requires larger mounting systems, increasing cost.  When a customer has limited space,  solar tracking often becomes the most optimal solution.  The S1 solar tracker furthers this concept by being raised high enough of the ground that it allows for the space underneath it to be used; making it the most space-efficient option on the market. The simple payback for the S1 solar tracker is comparable to standard rooftop installations.  

Can I order an S1 today?

Yes, please contact us for a free site consultation and financial analysis. We look forward to bringing clean, efficient solar power to you!