Your Elevated Solar Power Solution


STrackers Revolutionary S1 Solar Tracker


The S1 is a robust dual-axis solar tracking system with a 28 PV module array atop a 20-foot tall steel structural pole. With a minimum 13 foot ground clearance at all times, the STracker S1 safely shades parking lots, agricultural operations, picnic areas and is especially well-suited for difficult and uneven terrain.

This large, powerful and elegant solar tracker is the most efficient solar power generating platform today. Its state of the art solar tracking systems maximize exposure to the sun, and increase the energy harvest of any PV panel system by a full 40% over fixed or rooftop solar installations. Current testing suggests an additional 20% harvest may be available when using new bi-facial solar panels.

STracker Inc is actively seeking an established  partner firm/investor to join us in the Global Launch of this robust product.